A Kwick Update

Ok, so yes I am still alive and yes I will be continuing to keep and update this blog. I have been very busy though and have not had much Internet access, nor do I want to be wasting my precious traveling time with sitting on a computer. But I promise I will be posting about everywhere and everything I do soon! And tons of amazing pictures too!

Currently I am in Interlaken, Switzerland. I just did the best thing I have done on my trip so far, and probably the coolest thing I have ever done in my life- Paragliding down from the top of the Swiss Alps. It was unreal. I am still shaking from the excitement of the high of it. I am very tempted to go skydiving here now, but two things are holding me back. One, I dont have the money to do it right now exactly, and two I don’t want to damper my paragliding experience on the same day. I will get much much more into this and exactly what it was and everything later in a post dedicated to Interlaken.

So for just a rundown of what I have been doing since my last post, Budapest.

Stayed with a friend’s family in Kosice, Slovakia. Amazing hospitality by them. Got to go to Game 1 and 2 of the Slovakian Ice Hockey League Championship and sit in the US steel corporate box, one of the best sporting atmoshperes I have ever been in. Also saw a few castles in Slovakia, went up into the mountains and a lot of other stuff.

Then Vienna, not much time here but cool city.

Prague. Coolest city I have been too. The whole place is like a giant museum. My second favorite place so far probably, behind….

Munich. Wow, I didn’t know much what to expect here, besides beer and sausages, but this place blew me away. Loved it. New favorite city and I love German people now, so fun and interesting. I did lots of good tours here too, including a free tour to Dachau which I won doing a beer challenge the night before. Dachau was an amazing experience, didn’t plan on going there, but soooooo glad I did.

Day Trip to Ashley’s old stomping ground, Salzburg. Very cool city. Also went up into the Bavarian alps from here and toured a salt mine.

Day Trip to two Castles in Southern Bavaria. Cant remember how to spell them right now, but they were awesome. One is the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

And now in Switzerland for two days. Tomorrow off to Nice, France to sit on the beech for a couple days. Also go to Cannes and Monaco while there.

Then I will use the final day of my railpass, Thursday, to get to Barcelona, where I will stay for two nights and then fly back to Wales on Saturday.

I am kind of sad my trip is winding down, but I still have lots to see and do. This has been the experience of a lifetime so far and I have loved every single moment of it. I am having the time of my life and so thankful to be doing what I am doing. I have had great weather throughout, met tons of amazing people and loved every place I have been.

I promise I will post much much more info, stories and events about each place I have been since Budapest, I just wanted to give everyone a kwick update on my travels though.

I hope all is well back state-side.



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