Weekend in London

So I have fallen kind of far behind in my blogging, oops. I have been a little busy, lacking Internet access and also time the last couple weeks, but hopefully in the next couple days I will get everyone caught up. Currently I am in Cinque Terre in Italy and it was amazing and beautiful. It is quite possibly the best place I have been so far, but maybe I am just saying that because I am still here and enjoying it. Before here I was in Milan, where I flew in to start my month long Easter break and backpacking across Europe trip. But before I go into any of this, I will update you all on the previous week and its activities.


On March 13th, Natalie flew into London to visit me for 10 days! I traveled to London, along with my friend Sean, to meet her and Sean’s girl Ashley. Natalie and Ashley actually have become really good friends since finding out they were both coming to Swansea to visit their boyfriends and realized they had a lot in common, such as going to Iowa, Nursing and other girly stuff. So that night we picked them up at the airport and then headed on an adventure through the London tube (subway) system and finally checked into our hostel, just north of Piccadilly Circus, and pretty much called it a night.


The next day, Saturday, we had a double decker bus tour planned. The tickets we bought enabled you to hop on and off the bus as much as you wanted, and it stopped alllllllll over London, so you could really see everything you really wanted to see in London in one day, and then get back on the next bus to come along. The weather for it was pretty decent, just sometimes got a little cold on the open air top of the bus.


The main things we spend time at were Big Ben (not as big as we thought it really was), the London Towere (not actually a tower, more of just a castle), the London Bridge (it was not falling down), Buckingham Palace (the guards were not wearing the traditional red outfits and big black hats, but some alternate ones, but still cool) and the London Eye. Natalie went on this and it was expensive but well worth it. I believe it is the biggest ferris wheel type thing in the world (actually inside basket things that fit up to 25 people). It sits right on the Thames River across from Big Ben, and you can literally see all of London from the top of it, and it takes about 30 minutes for the whole rotation around it


We also did a cruise down the Thames River, which was free included in our tour bus tickets. This took us from the London Bridge down right next to Big Ben. Natalie and I had good seats right in front, and also inside (would have been a little cold outside on the river). The captain of the ship provided commentary and was very informative and funny.


We found a good little pub for lunch, and of course when in London you’ve got to get Fish n Chips, well at least Ashley and myself did, because neither Sean nor Natalie eat fish. But I have become very fond of the English meal, and also putting vinegar on almost everything I eat like they do.


That night we started off by having a couple drinks at our hostel’s bar and then went on a little adventure trying to find this bar area that the workers at the hostel directed us to. We wandered around for far to long, and I finally had my first encounter with another primary British food, Kebabs. We found a little Kebab shop and all got one and they were delicious. After that we finally found a bar we thought looked cool, and it is still up in the air, but we are pretty sure it was a gay club, or at least very gay friendly. What are the chances.


So after a few drinks and lots of meandering our way back to our hostel, we called it a night. The next morning Natalie and I got up early to catch a train to Swansea, where we would spend the entire following week (Sean and Ashley flew out of London that night to spend the week in Barcelona, and from what I hear it was amazing, I’m excited to be going there at the end of my backpacking trip in April).


So there is the first of my very absent updates. Pictures will have to wait until I have more time and Internet. I am actually writing this in our holiday house (I’m staying with a few friends here in Cinque Terre), and we do not have Internet here, but I am just trying to get caught up and I am saving this to my external hard drive and taking it to a Internet café where you have to pay lots of Euros to use the Internet, so this is saving me lots of money I figure.

 And sorry for the mass of spelling and gramatical errors, time is money.

Chow for now.


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