Class, and a Swansea Sports Weekend

I have completed my first two weeks of the actual term now here at Swansea University. My 2 classes are going well and seem very interesting. I’ve already completed the British Politics and Culture class, and am now taking “Intro to American Literature” (6 credits) and “People, Place and Nation” (3 credits). I’m currently half way through Huckleberry Finn for the American Lit class. Their system works much differently here in regards to contact hours for classes. 6 credits hours at Iowa means your in class for around 6 hours a week, not hear though. My 6 credit hour class here meets 2 hours a week, and this upcoming week only meets for one hour to discuss Huck Finn. My other class also meets only 2 hours a week. So I usually will be in class for about 4 hours a week over three different days. Also, I’m under the impression that our classes basically end at spring break ( which is coming up in 6 or so weeks and is 4 weeks long). I think we meet only a couple times after it and then the finals period is about a month long. Should be interesting.

My campus

My campus


On the note of my month long spring break, I have a very rough idea of what I will be doing. Natalie coming to see me during hers, which is the week before my starts. We will be staying in London for a couple days right away, then coming to Swansea to show here my stomping grounds (and so I can go to class!) and the spend another night in London before she leaves on that Sunday, the first weekend of my spring break. From there, I thinking maybe of flying out of London right away to either the northern most part or southern most part of Italy and traveling across it for a week, possibly with 2 others. From there, I basically plan on spending the next few weeks backpacking across Europe, trying to hit any and every country. I have my nice big new backpack and am going to attempt to live out of it for a whole month. I’m going to get an unlimited ride EuroRail pass for the month, which will be really expensive, but will be good because I can basically get a train wherever and whenever I want for no charge and plan it so I”m taking it at night and just get my sleeping in while I’m on it and between countries.

This past weekend, I woke up early on Saturday to go to a football match with 3 of the other Americans. We went to a pub before hand for lunch, then got to the game, got tickets for only 13 pounds again (gotta love the student rate) and had awesome seats again too. But this time we were in like the crazy fan section. Similar to a student section at like College events, but it was more about just singing and chanting songs the whole time. Each song/chant was either a direct insult to the other team, Ipswitch, to Cardiff (biggest rivals) or just a team song. The fans there are crazy. The three favorite curse words they used began with a C, a Tw, and Wankers. I’ve never heard the combination of those three words used more in my life, and in only a 90 minutes period. Swansea City right now is playing brilliant football, and once again won, this time 3-0.

Nevermind the car that rudely interupted my picture of Liberty Stadium

Nevermind the car that rudely interupted my picture of Liberty Stadium

This also happened to be the same weekend that the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament started. This is the biggest sporting event that ever happens in Wales. This is especially true this year since we (haha, I live here) are the favorites to win it. We missed England v Italy, but after the match we caught the second half of  Ireland v France, with the Irish prevailing. The big day was Sunday though, that’s when Wales had their first match, against the Scottish Wankers.I was woke up early by one of my flatmates to get over to the pub 3 hours before the match to get good seats. I have never seen a grown man so excited about a sporting event. The majority of the pub was for Wales, but there was a few Scots in there.  Jason, the most excited one, had taught me all the ins and outs of Rugby’s rules and strategy and what not on Friday when we watched the under 20s play. So I actually knew what was going on pretty well. Wales ended up having a great showing, winning 26-13, it was a great time. The BIG game is next weekend though, Wales v England. It seems like the school is pretty even between people hailing from Wales and England, so this week is going to be pretty tense around campus and my flat seeing how its divided between English and Welsh. I’m a little disappointed that I will not be here for it though, I’ll be in Amsterdam, to bad haha.

After the Rugby match, we watched the Manchester United v West Ham United football match. These happen to be the two teams I support. I tried all week to get a hold of a couple affordable tickets for the match, but it was impossible. I definitely know the most about Man U, and they are the best team in the Premiere League and most famous (kind of like the Yankees? but not as hated). I started liking West Ham after watching the film, Green Street Hooligans, one of my favorite movies that I basically have memorized. I suggest checking it out if you haven’t seen it, and yes a lot of things here are a lot like the film. I choose to go with the underdogs and support my true favorites, West Ham. I was about one of the only ones going for them in the pub, with the majority of people cheering on Man U. I know all of West Ham’s chants and songs and was singing them (had a few pints in me to help) but my support didnt’ matter, they ended up falling  One -nil. Hopefully I will be able to make it to a Premier league game at some point, I’ll just try to stay away from the Firms, unless its the GSE (West Ham’s), I’m pretty well versed in their ways, haha.

West Ham United's Firm

West Ham United's Firm

Next Weeks Post: Amsterdam!!!


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