Super Bowl Sunday in a Land of a Different Football

I was very happy last night to be able to watch the entire Super Bowl, and it was quite an experience. So for the game, I went with 4 of my flatmates to Woody’s Pub (the pub in our student village where I live). The game didn’t start until 11:30pm here, and we went at 9 and it was already packed. We ended up finding a small table and went took some chairs from a flat right next to the pub and ended up getting a really good spot right in front of one of the projection screens. We got some food from the diner right next door, and bought a couple crates (24packs) of Coors Lights and we were good to go for the next 6 hours.
Crowd at Woody's for the game

Crowd at Woody's for the game

The British kids were going absolutely crazy even before the game. People had their faces painted, were wearing anything American they could find (ex: some jerseys, a pink Tennessee t-shirt) and Everyone had a team they were rooting for, with probably 70 % of the 200 or so people there cheering for the Cards, mostly because they were the underdogs. My flatmates and I were going for Cards, gotta represent Iowa boy Warner. My flatmates were also very interested in Warner’s story (bagging groceries  15 years ago, arena league). I would compare their knowledge of American Football to that of my Mom or not sporty girls. They understood the game, scoring and things like that, just not neccasarily all the rules and strategy. It was actually entertaining explaining things to them and answering their questions.

The Brits were going absolutely crazy during the game, you’d think you were watching an English football match, especially since they were singing and chanting soccer songs/cheers/taunts  and Americanizing them. I think the game lasted til about 330ish in the am here. Good thing I don’t have class today! But I did just go turn in a long essagy on “Punk and Britain in the 1970s.” Overall it was a great time, and definitely one of the most exciting Super Bowls I’ve ever watched, in terms of the actual game and the environment. Now I really can’t wait for huge sporting events here, such as Wales vs England Rugby in the 6 Nations Cup in a few weeks. My flatmates said the Superbowl will be nothing compared to the environment at Woodys during that, especially since most people that go to school here are either from England or Wales. I better choose my side carefully.

One downside to the game was that since it was being broadcast on SkySports (similar to ESPN networks)  there was no commercials, just British commentary about the game (attempting to at least) during breaks. My flatmates did all know how big of a deal commercials are during the Super Bowl, and we did YouTube them all today.

Swansea University’s American Football team  were all sitting at the table next to us in their jerseys and I talked to a few of them for a while. I am going to go check out their training on Wednesday and see what its all about. They are a brand new team, and they seemed like they Really wanted me to come and play, even though I told them I would probably miss a lot because of traveling, but they didn’t care. Should be interesting (its tackle football too).

Holy Crap its snowing  today! The whole UK is freaking out because of the snow. Its all over the news, and how its going to cost them so much. Its actually starting to somewhat cover the ground now too.  I guess northen England is actually getting a decent amount, like 20 centimeters. My flatmates last night were all freaking out when they heard it was going to snow today. One guy drove 20 minutes to his home to get gloves and a hat in case of a snow ball fight. One of their facebook statuses was “Snow Day, No Lectures Today for me!” At that point their was barely flurries and not even close to sticking to the ground, haha. They also talk about how when it snows if you go to grocery stores they all will be sold out of bread and milk, because everyone freaks out and thinks the world might be ending and so they stock up. So have I conveyed the message that snow is a rarity here?

On Saturday night I went to the club on campus, DV8, and experienced a new theme night I’ve never seen before. It was called the Stock Exchange.  How it worked was that the most popular drinks would go up in prices, and the least popular drinks would go down in price. They had the listings all over all of the monitors, and exactly how much each of everything was being bought and changing. Drinks would go as low as 80 pence, and as high as 2 pounds. So people would sit at the bar, staring at the screen and then when something they liked got cheap they would buy a ton of it. Also every once in a while the Stock Market would “Crash” and all drinks would go down to 80 pence and there would be a mad rush to the bar.

Monitor at the Stock Exchange

Monitor at the Stock Exchange

I did choose to go to that over another new theme concept, a silent disco.  Its where everyone gets headphones at the door and listen to the music on them, there is no actual music being played over the speakers and you can change the song your listening to at any point. I guess it is suppose to be hilarious, everyone literally dancing to their own beat. I’ll be sure to check one out soon.


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