First Football Match – Swansea City vs Preston N.E.

Tonight me and one other guy, Tom, went to see the Swansea City Swans play Preston N.E. (a rival and a big match) at the new Liberty Stadium in Swansea. Swansea City is in the Champions League (Britain’s second best league behind the Premiere League, where teams like Man U and West Ham play). They just got moved up to the champions league this year too. The top 4 teams in each division move up and the bottom 4 move down, pretty cool concept. They are having a pretty good year, especially since they are in a new, tougher division.

We showed up right before kickoff, and were able to get tickets for only 13 pounds (student rate). Our seats were in the corner and only 5 rows up! We had a lot of action right in front of us too. The crowd was pretty rowdy, and I’m going to have to learn the songs and chants they constantly sing before I go to another game. The Swans ended up winning 4-1 and was an overall great time. Were definitely going to be going back to as many games there as possible. The stadium is pretty nice, holds around 25 or 30,000 I believe. We were opposite the section with the crazy fans and the visiting fans who were divided by a ton of security guards. I’m going to have to make sure I get my chants and football knowledge up to top form before I sit in that section.

Liberty at Halftime


 One of many corner kicks right in front of us




Swansea has a really good Rugby team called the Ospreys, and their season is about to start up, and they also play at Liberty, so I’m really looking forth to going to some of those matches and learning more about rugby. The biggest National Rugby tournament in the world besides the World Cup is starting in a few weeks, called the 6 Nations Cup (Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy). Wales are the favorites this year and we’re going to try and get to the game they play against England in Cardiff at Millennium stadium. Things should get interesting around my flat during that time, because of my 3 Welsh and 2 English flatmates, who vow to not talk and be dire enemies during the Cup.

Swansea City                      ospreys                        wales 

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