So on Saturday, we took a field trip to the English city of Bath. It was a two hour bus drive and is located somewhat between Swansea and London. It is suppose to be one of England’s most beautiful cities and is called a “World Heritage City.”  All my flatmates said I would really like it and its a amazing city. So this trip had quite a billing to live up too, and it delivered.

We started out by going to the Roman Baths. This is where Britain’s only hot springs are located, and where the Roman’s built a temple and bathing complex. The hot spring water still flows. We got in free with the group, and the head person made the huge mistake of telling us not to touch the water. Never tell me I can’t do something, it just makes me want to do it, ha ha. I was taking bets on how much trouble I’d get in for “accidentally” falling in and debating if it would be worth the jail time (just kidding mom! I wasn’t really going to do it, or was I? but seriously) I ended up just testing the water with my hand, and it was very warm.  At one part, they had signs for some of the clean spring water you can drink that came out of a really cool fountain, the  sign said you had to try it, only 50 pence! I tried it, its taste level was somewhat comparable to the Lake of the Ozarks water, disgusting.
I just now figured out how to add pictures into the blog, so here are a few.
The main Roman Bath



We then wandered (thanks mom) around the city, checked out some of the other sights, ate some world famous bread, went to Jane Austen’s house/museum, looked at an awesome huge church and then saw a lot of cool stuff that I can’t remember the name of anything.



Then five of us went and did the one thing that everybody always has dreamt of, played putt-putt golfin England! haha.  We randomly found this course in the middle of one of the parks and had a lot of time to kill so we played a round. Not a bad course, but all the British kids were terrible. Assuming America invented mini-golf, I thought it was funny how we took a game from them (golf) and then instead of making it bigger (like we tend to do with things) we made it smaller (mini-golf!). And of course, as you probably expected, I did win the 2009 Bath Open!

Overall Bath was a great city, and the coolest place I’ve seen so far. I will definitely be making a trip back there sometime. For those of you with facebook, I have been putting all of my pictures on there, and have some pretty cool ones from Bath if you want to check it out. Sorry for the lack of descriptions about it and where I went, but here is a link to Bath’s website if you want to check it out. I went pretty much everywhere it talks about.

Nothing to do with Bath, but I have been attempting to stay in shape here by going for long runs quite often. It is pretty cool runninghere. The climate works out well for it and also the scenery is awesome. One path I often takes goes up a bluff on a windy road and you can see a lot of Swansea and the Bay/Ocean from it, very scenic. The last run I went for I actually ran with another girl from America.  It was the longest run of my life. I then find out afterwards that she is on her home University’s cross country team, awesome. She kicked my ass.

Real class starts tomorrow for me. Looking like I’ll have to be in class only like 4 hours a week, so I’m excited for that. This week is called “refreshers week.” Freshers week was first term, with freshers talking about new students. There is a ton of stuff to do this week, huge theme nights at clubs, and I plan on signing up for a couple different groups/societies/organizations this week. I’ll have a post later this week to update!



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