Swansea, week one

So everything has been going smoothly in Swansea so far. The biggest hurdle was probably the 4 days I had to go without internet haha. We did not get registered on Swansea University’s system until monday, but all set now.

Swansea is a great city. It is much more vibrant and bigger than I was expecting (228,000 population).  Swansea University where I am studying at is something like 10-15,000 students.  I live in a large student village that is two miles from campus and 4 miles from the town centre. They have a good bus system which we got free passes too and that we use to get everywhere(except for getting back from clubs/bars at 4am, for which we already have our own personal cab driver named joe, hilarious person).

Some Guys I hang out with and our personal driver, Joe

friends and OUR taxi driver, joe

friends and OUR taxi driver, joe

Swansea Castle. Pretty weak castle for the area. But its right in the middle of the city centre.

I live in a flat with 5 british students and one from North Carolina. I think 3 of them are Welsh and 2 are english. I like them all a lot so far and can tell we are gonna get along great this term. They are supposedly in the middle of their two week first term exam period, but you wouldn’t be able to tell (much more partying than studying). My flat isn’t the cleanest place, but its alright. It’s small and I don’t have much to do in my room, which is good because it will force me to get out and do things.

 I moved in right in the middle of a prank war between my flatmates. They have figured out how to break into each others rooms, (not mine yet I think) and I have seen rooms turned upside down, entire rooms move out onto the lawn, one totally covered in American things and glasses of water, and one completely covered in tin foil.
The Lawn Room

my flatmates entire room moved outside as a prank

my flatmates entire room moved outside as a prank

In our student village we have a mini-mart (where I think I will be doing all of my shopping for the year)  a Diner, and Woody’s Pub ( where I will be having my daily Guinness, it’s good for me). The pub is a great place for us to all gather and to meet people. They have also been showing the NFL playoffs and soon the super bowl.

When we go out at night we usually start at Woody’s then bus to the town centre to a place called “Wind Street.” It is kind of like Iowa City’s ped mall– lots of bars/clubs/pubs,  only much, much bigger. Surprisingly the nightlife here kicks Iowa City’s ass. Oh and clubs stay open til 3am on weekdays and 4am on weekend. I’m tired.

There are about 60 americans here, and for these first two weeks we are taking an intro to British politics and culture class, and also have free trips to places around Britain ( such as Gower peninsula, Stonehenge, Cardiff, Castles, etc). I have met a ton of people, both American and British. When we go out  a lot of locals absolutely love us and want to show us around and how they party. But we also get people who just seem to hate america, but no big deal.

One of the coolest things me and a couple other guys did was we just went to get dinner in the town centre on sunday, and randomly picked a pub. And it happened to be a huge Manchester United Football team’s pub, and it was right in the middle of one of the matches with their rival Chelsea. We very luckily got a table and had a blast cheering on Man U.

More posts to follow, pretty much caught up with where I am now, so new posts should be new info for those of you who have been reading my emails. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon to for the facebookless people.


ps just a few pictures added finally.

Sheep in Gower living on the edge, literally.

sheep in Gower about to fall off the cliff

sheep in Gower about to fall off the cliff

One of the many beaches around Swansea. One of my running spots for now, beach bumming once it gets warmer.


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