Arrival in London

Hey all,

So I have now officially been in the UK for one week. It has been great so far and seems like I’ve already been here a lot longer than that. For those of you who have read my emails, a lot of this first posts info will be redundant, but I’ll try to make at least weekly posts to keep people informed and show everyone that I’m not dead… yet.

So I had a very interesting first day in the UK. Overnight direct flight from Chicago to London, did not sleep at all, got picked up by two other study abroad students and their friend from London early in the morning from the airport, and proceeded to get a three hour driving tour around London (by the most talkative person I have ever met, she had a story/something to say about literally everything we passed) and then we were dropped off in Piccadilly Circle (London’s time square equivalent). We wandered around lost, checked out things like the British Museum, got cell phones, and eventually made our way out to West London late at night on the Tube system to the house we were staying at. Basically I rolled two days into one, and just skipped over the jet lag.

The family we were staying with was very British. 3 school age boys, crazy mother and the father who worked as a doctor on film sets (has worked with the likes of Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant).  The mother was overly-helpful with trying to get us settled into British culture, literally searching through her house trying to find things that were different or called something different from things in the states.  She was a good mixture of your traditional proper English woman, and a crazy soccer mom. The family had also spent multiple summers in the states on ‘holiday,’ so that made it even easier for her to relate to us. She also made us a homemade dinner, spaghetti, which was terrible, way to reinforce the stereotype that the British can’t cook. We went with her to take her 11 year old son to private school in the morning and then she had a couple of American women she knew meet us for “tea” and to talk to us about what to expect/their experiences. She then drove us to the train station for our 3 hour ride to Swansea, Wales.

Overall she was very helpful and friendly. The day and a half I got to see of London was great and I can’t wait to get back to see and do more. I’m sure I will be spending plenty of time there too seeing how it is so close and one of the main hubs of transportation around Europe we will be using.

The house I stayed at for two days in London 

house i stayed at in london

house i stayed at in london

English boy we stayed with on his way to private school

sorry it's sideways

sorry it's sideways


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